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2021 Dia de los Muertos Celebration




The Dia de los Muertos Festival scheduled for Saturday, October 30, 2021, has been canceled due to rising numbers of Covid cases. Vendors who have already applied will be contacted by email. Application fees will be refunded.


Other events – art exhibitions, altar display, etc. – will continue as planned.


Our Hecho-A-Mano Art Expo is juried. Vendors must re-apply each year. In juried shows, a review panel scores and selects vendors from the applications submitted. We review vendors to ensure that our Arts and Crafts Expo is high in quality and originality, has a variety of arts and crafts products, and that vendors’ products conform to our Made-by-Hand guidelines.

If you sell pre-packaged edible items (candy, baked goods, candied apples, jerky, etc.),  you may apply here. Food products must meet all qualifications required by the Health Department. Vendors selling edible items are checked on-site.

FOOD TRUCKS or FOOD BOOTHS: If you are cooking onsite, Do Not apply here. Please Contact Belinda Edwards at (361)947-6895 to apply to be a food vendor.


September 10:  Vendor Application Deadline. Fee $20.

September 20: Notices of Acceptance/Denial Emailed to Applicants

October 1: Deadline to pay Booth Fee (See booth fees below.)

October 16: 10 am Vendor Meeting at K Space Contemporary. Set-Up Information emailed to accepted vendors and posted on website.


Application Fee $20 – must be submitted when you apply

Upon Approval, Booth Fees – DUE OCTOBER 1:

$ 100 Single Booth 10’x10’/8’x12’ (K Space Members $90)

$ 200 Double Booth 10’x20’/8’x24’ (K Space Members $190)

LATE FEES –  If paid after the October 1st deadline, Booth Fees double

$ 200 Single Booth 10’x10’/8’x12’ (K Space Members $190)

$ 400 Double Booth 10’x20’/8’x24’ (K Space Members $390)

dia de los Muertos Festival CC, Corpus Christi, Candle Art



FINE ART:  sculpture, ceramics, paintings, drawing, mixed media, collage, printmaking (limited editions), photography, etc.

CRAFTS:  jewelry, sewing, knitting, hand-embellished items (like re-decorated bottles, glasses, boxes, hats, canvas totes, shoes, ornaments, etc.), masks, hair bows/barretts/headbands, floral halos, tutu’s, tile/mosaics, woodworking, candles, skin-care products, etc.

2. FACE PAINTING – If you are face painting AND selling crafts, select “Face Painting” as your category.


EDIBLES: pre-packaged candies, cake-pops, caramel apples, popcorn balls, canned items, etc. All food items must meet Health Department regulations and pass Health Department check on-site. (Nueces Co. Health Department (361) 826-7200.)  Food Trucks – Do not apply here.

ACTIVITY: games and other types of activities for which you charge a fee.


Partners are Sponsors, School or College-affiliated group/clubs, unpaid festival performers, or organizations/non-profits that provide a free Kids Corner Activity.  We exchange a booth space for your service at the event. Partners are not required to pay application or booth fees, because they provide a service for the event. Partners must be invited to participate. Select this category only if you are invited/pre-approved by DDLM Fest Organizers.



Original ArtWork and Crafts conceived, designed and made by the artist: paintings, drawings, sculpture, hand-built or thrown ceramics, hand-pulled limited edition prints (woodcut, intaglio, silkscreen, linocut, etching, engraving, monotype, etc.), photography, Fiber / sewing, collages, mixed media works.

Reproductions and reproductions on novelty Items: Reproductions are inkjet or laser prints, offset lithographs/posters, high quality copies. Artists may sell two-dimensional reproductions of their own original works clearly marked with the word “reproduction.” We also accept novelty items that include reproductions of your original artwork, such as coffee cups, ornaments, mouse-pads printed through Zazzle, CafePress or similar printers. Reproductions/Novelty Items can constitute no more than 30% of your booth products. Photos of reproductions and novelty items must be included in your application.

Hand-Embellished Items:  recycled or purchased items that have been hand-embellished.  Hand-Embellished is defined as painted, decorated, collaged, beaded, carved, or otherwise re-designed on the surface. Items must differ significantly from the original and show marked evidence of the artist’s hand.  Examples include, but are not limited to: decorated wine bottles, decorated boxes, re-decorated ceramic figurines, hand-painted glasses & dishes, mosaics, appliqued/beaded/embroidered/painted fabric items like canvas totes, aprons, pillows, shoes, etc.

Jewelry: Handmade beads, pendants and original designs in metal, ceramic, resin, polymer clays, etc. qualify as hand-made. The number of spots available for jewelry makers who string manufactured, mass-produced beads & findings is limited. Unique designs are more likely to be accepted to the festival

T-Shirts:  T-Shirt vendors are by invitation only. Designs must be originally conceived and designed by the exhibiting artist. Only limited editions of 50 or fewer are allowed. All t-shirt designs must be included in application.


Items that are purchased for resale, imported, mass produced

Mass-produced buy-and-sell T-Shirts

Knock-Off designs very similar to famous logos or artwork

Works produced with commercial kits, plans

Items with the following text: “Dia de los Muertos Festival,” “Dia de los Muertos Street Fest/Festival,” or “Dia de los Muertos Corpus Christi” or any other combination of these words.  This text is only used only by the Dia de los Muertos Festival organization.


ARTS EXPO COMMITTEE:  the committee will visit booths multiple times to review art pieces, crafts and set-up during festival hours. Representatives will require vendors to remove any articles that are not in compliance with the criteria set forth in these guidelines and items that were not included in your original application.  Vendors discovered selling buy-sell items or putting things back out after they have been asked to remove them will not be allowed to return as a vendor in future years.

Vending Rules and Information

1. HECHO A MANO ART EXPO:  Items in your booth must conform to our Hecho-a-Mano / Made-by-Hand Guidelines.

2. EXHIBIT SPACES are on the street or sidewalk. Single Spaces are 10’x10’ or 12’x 8′, Double Spaces are 10’x20’ or 8’x 24’. BRING YOUR OWN: tables, chairs, display equipment, battery-operated lighting, tent / tent weights, and change. Staking into the pavement is not permitted.

3. BEHAVIOR: Be respectful to festival volunteers and organizers. We are here to help and want you to have a good experience. Vendors who are disrespectful to volunteers & organizers will not be invited back to the Dia de los Muertos Festival.

4. The ARTIST/CRAFTER, who made the works being sold in the booth, must be present throughout the festival excepting short breaks.

5. LIGHT:  Bring your own battery-operated lights for your booth. Street lighting is provided by tower lights. Vendors are NOT allowed to plug into tower lights; the tower lights will go out, then, no one has light. Fire-based lighting (candles, gas lanterns) and loud, noisy generators are not permitted.

6. FESTIVAL CANCELATION: If the festival is canceled, postponed or partially impaired, no refunds will be issued, nor shall K Space Contemporary, Axis Tattoo or the Dia de los Muertos Festival be held liable. There is no rain date scheduled at this time.

7. LOCATION: Booth location is assigned and determined by organizers according to the items you are selling. When possible, returning artists are placed in the same area as the previous year.

8. SET UP TIME: 10am to 2pm. Event begins at 3pm. Details and schedule for setup will be posted on this website and emailed to vendors 2 weeks before the event. Vendors are scheduled at specific times so they can unload near their space.

9. COVID19 SAFETY: We recommend that all vendors practice social distancing, wear masks, and keep hand sanitizer available for themselves and customers’ use.

10. BOOTH BREAKDOWN may begin at 11:00 pm. However, vehicles are not permitted to drive into the festival area until streets are cleared after midnight.

11. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF! Do not leave anything behind: tables, chairs, boxes, food, bottles, trash, etc. Leave your space as clean or cleaner than you found it.

12. PARKING: Furman Parking Garage on Mesquite Street inside festival grounds is available for free parking for our vendors.

13. BREAKING RULES: Vendors who violate or ignore the above rules will not be invited back to the Corpus Christi Dia de los Muertos Festival.

14. SPREAD THE WORD! We encourage participating artists to invite their patrons and customers and share event social media posts.

15. COSTUME!  Everyone is encouraged to dress up in the spirit of Dia de los Muertos! Have Fun!

Dia de los Muertos CC, Arts and Crafts Expo, Corpus Christi, TX, Roel Palacios

What you need to apply:

1 photo of your booth set-up

2 photos of works in progress. Show yourself working on your products.

3-22 Photos of your Arts & Crafts. (for a total of 25 photos) All products must conform to Hecho-A-Mano Guidelines above

Submit photos of EACH type of item that you intend to sell. Items not included in your application are not approved. You will be asked to remove them from your booth on festival day.

If you make multiples, show only 1 or 2 of your best examples.

If you print your original artwork on novelty items like ornaments, coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc., submit photos of those items. Items with reproductions of your artwork must be limited to no more than 30% of your booth products.

State of Texas Sales Tax & Use Permit. Vendors are responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax (8.25 percent) to Texas State Comptroller. Your permit number is requested in the application and must be displayed in your booth. Services like hair styling and face painting do not require a Sales Tax permit. Fill in blank with “NONE”.  If unsure, contact Texas State Comptroller.

Description of Work (260 characters): List all of the products that you plan to sell in your vending booth.

Statement Specific to Entry (480 characters):  Describe how you create your arts & crafts from initial design process to completion.



Tips for Completing your Online Application Form

Previous Applicants: Log into the entry form with your Email address and Password. Reset your password if you’ve forgotten it. If you applied anytime from 2014 to 2019, your profile/images are saved in the system and may be re-used.

New Applicants: Create a FREE account with your email address and password

Click  “Add File” to upload each photo. Allow time for each photo to upload.

Make sure you can see ALL of your uploaded images on your screen before clicking the PayPal button or “Complete Entry”.

Photo Tips 

Show only 1-2 best examples of items that you make multiples of

Use plain, one-color backgrounds free of clutter

Use good lighting – point a lamp at your items

Submit clear, sharp images

Include no more than 6 different items in one photo. Photos of piles of prints or lots of jewelry on stands do not show items clearly.

Do not submit photo collages.

Photo Size: For best results, submit photos no smaller than 1800 pixels on the longest side with file resolution at 72 dpi.  Maximum file size is 5 MB. Resize in Preview or use Adobe’s Free Image Resizer