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High-flying action, crippling holds and larger-than-life entertainers come together at Lucha KABOOM during Corpus Christi’s Dia de los Muertos Street Festival! This event features world famous luchadores catapulting through the air in complex stunts and bringing down their opponents with devastating pin moves. Lucha KABOOM will feature Blue Demon Jr vs Psycho Clown in their first ever match up– a veteran versus a newcomer! The night includes 4 jam-packed matches starting every hour featuring AAA Superstars and Victory Pro Wrestlers.

Corpus Christi hosts one of the largest Dia de los Muertos street festivals in the United States. Dia de los Muertos is a colorful yet tradiational Hispanic celebration that honors loved ones who have passed away. Lucha KABOOM highlights another unique aspect of Hispanic culture, luchador wrestling! Lucha libre, or “free fight”, gained popularity with its lack of regulations and violence inflicted upon the luchadores, or fighters. Catch these one-of-a-kind match ups in downtown Corpus Christi!



7:00 p.m.- Myzterio, Cobra, Chino Reyes VS Dark Wolf, Max McLung, Matt Steele

8:00 p.m.- Tokyo Monster Kahagas VS Pitbull Ru

9:00 p.m.- Pimpinela Escarlata, Nacho Lego, Faby Apache VS Cassandro el Exotico, Joey Dynamite, Alejandra de Lion

10:00 p.m.- Blue Demon Jr. VS Psycho Clown

Kids 5 and younger are free.

No Refunds will be given for any ticket purchased.


Special Thanks to our Lucha KaBoom Sponsor!

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