Funky Rockin’ Soul Stage

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Stage Manager: John Rosales

switchblade-jesus-graphic8 pm: Switchblade Jesus: 

“… calling Corpus Christi their hometown, a city with twice the violent crime as the rest of Texas. An area so dangerous that rumor has it that even Jesus has to carry a switchblade.”

Switchblade Jesus is made up of: Eric Calvert – Guitar/Vocals, Jon Elizondo – Drums, and Chris Black – Bass. Mixing southwestern boogie, desert-worn blues, retro-metal assault and fierce rocking into a sound that screams Texas–at times sanguine and starkly beautiful, at others full of damn sexy groove and assaulting violence.”



9 pm: The Well 

“Austin-based power trio The Well redefine heavy rock by merging massive riffs with sophisticated melodies. Their progressive sound stems from a nostalgic desire to blend different musical styles as diversified as Joy Division to Blue Cheer. The group blossomed when guitarist/vocalist Ian Graham was fired from his previous band. Determined to redirect his musical focus, Graham hooked up with bassist Lisa Alley and the two began picking out riffs in their east-side garage. Rounding out their sound, they stole drummer Jason Sullivan from Graham’s old band in a tale of vengeance and karma. His solid groove and reckless tribal beat gave the three-piece their ideal primal attack.”



amplified-heat-band10:30 pm: Amplified Heat

This trio consists of brothers Jim, Chris & Gian Ortiz, who have been playing music together since they were kids. They spent their young lives in La Puente, California, a racially mixed community but predominantly hispanic. They bounced around between Colombia and California a few times before finally settling in Texas. The band pulls from a variety of influences including Cream, Blue Cheer, early ZZ Top, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and many more.

Amplified Heat have been catching the attention of fans running the gamut from rock and roll, to blues, to punk, to jazz, and country enthusiasts across the country. Their electrifying sound and relentless stage act also caught the eyes and ears of Rolling Stone music editor David Fricke at 2007’s South by Southwest Festival, where he states they destroyed the crowd with a ‘boogie- war vengeance.





Funky Rockin’ Soul Stage Schedule

located on Mesquite next to La Retama Park

Bands in bold text; dance groups in italics.

3 pm: Black Tarpoon

3:45 pm: Downtown CC Karate Demonstration

4 pm:  Shayna Sands Band

4:45 pm: Celtic Flair

5 pm: Ma & God

5:45 pm:

6 pm: dayzNdaze

6:45 pm: The Stage (TAMUCC)

7 pm:  The Phat Katz

7:45 pm:  Crush Girls

8 pm:  Switchblade Jesus

9 pm:  The Well

10:30 pm: Amplified Heat