Art Expo Vendor Application

Tips for entering your online application

New this year, all of the following items are required. ​Leaving your description or statement etc. blank may result in non-approval of your application as judges need to understand your work and your process to approve you.

  • Photo Size: no smaller than 1800 pixels on the longest side with file resolution at 72 dpi.  Maximum file size is 5 MB. Resize in Preview or Click How to resize photos
  • Submit up to 25 photos. Include 1 photo of your booth and 2 Demonstration Images of your works in progress. Show your steps.
  • Description of Work (260 characters): Brief description of your work. Explain mixed categories here by listing products.
  • Statement Specific to Entry (480 characters):  Describe how you create the arts & crafts you are selling, from the initial design process to completion. 
  • Add each photo/image file by clicking “Add File.” Allow a couple of minutes for each photo to upload.
  • IMPORTANT: Submit a photo of EVERY type of item that you sell. Show only 1-2 best examples of items that you make multiples of.  Include no more than 4 different items in one photo. We need to see an example of each type of item clearly. Photos of piles of prints or lots of jewelry on stands do not show items clearly. Do not submit photo collages.
  • Show Off your Work: Submit photos that have plain/one-color backgrounds, are free of clutter, well lit, and are clear/sharp images. Make sure the jurors can see your products clearly and easily.
  • Make sure you can see ALL of your photos on your screen before clicking the PayPal button or “Complete Entry”.

Apply Below:

Previous Applicants: If you applied to the DDLM Arts & Crafts Expo in 2014, ’15 or ’16, your profile and photos are saved in the Entrythingy system. You may re-use photos from previous years. Log in under ‘Already Have an Entrythingy Account’ with your Email address and Password. Reset your password if you’ve forgotten it.

New Applicant? You must create a FREE account to be a vendor in the Dia de los Muertos Festival. The entry system we use is called “Entrythingy”.  Enter your information in the form below and click “SUBMIT” to log in. Remember your email and password for future events.


NOTES: Face Painters: if you are only providing a service (not selling any products), you are not required to have a State of Texas Sales Tax and Use Permit.  Fill in Sales Tax Permit blank with “NONE”.

Before you complete this application, make sure you have read the Vendor Guidelines.  Questions? Email anytime, or Call 361-887-6834 Wednesday – Friday, 10 am to 5 pm.